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iMon 365 with DCIM extension

OneAsia launched state-of-the-art monitoring services-combining Building management system (BMS) with Networking Monitoring and Management System (NMS). It provides round the clock monitoring, immediate notification, monthly reports with potential problems and solutions, and expedited problem resolution to ensure client’s security.

OneAsia’s comprehensive Monitoring Service with BMS and NMS allows different network components to be closely monitored. Conducted by an experienced team, component such as network utilization and performance are monitored through Cisco IP SLA and QoS, with some tests running as frequently as every five minutes.

OneAsia offers a wide scope of 7×24 Comprehensive Monitoring Service, including Real Time Alerts, 7×24 Availability monitoring, Agent and Agentless Monitoring, VM Monitoring, Resource Usage Trends Monitoring, Performance Monitoring and Periodic Reporting.

Meanwhile, OneAsia also launches DCIM solutions, a new feature recently introduced in iMon365. DCIM solutions enable data centre operators to monitor, manage and maintain the availability of data centres’ physical facilities such as power distribution, cooling and security system for dealing with the enormous data stored and enhancing data centre performance.


OneAsia targets In-scope devices and provides prompt notification via phone and email with specific recommendations to clients. With tests running every 5 minutes, clients are able to make a timely and informed choice of action during critical events.

OneAsia remotely monitors all registered infrastructure devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to quickly detect, diagnose and solve any potential network performance problems.

OneAsia provides monitoring in both agent and agentless manners. OneAsia’s agent monitoring supports most operating systems, including Linux, IBM AIX, Windows and Solaris. Agent monitoring enhances service integration and the proactivity of IT and automated actions. While on the other hand, agentless monitoring of computers is also provided using ICMP ping for remote functionality, allowing lower initial software cost for clients.

Hypervisors and virtual machines are used to discover any performance problems in Clients’ cloud platforms.

Data in all devices, such as the growth of disk usage and availability, are collected daily for analysis to ensure performance.

Performance of separate components such as CPU, Memory, Network, Disk space and processer are tested every 5 minutes as an indicator of the overall network performance.

OneAsia issues reports on a regular basis (daily, weekly and monthly), which includes potential problem areas with recommended solutions to clients. Furthermore, we provide contract status information and configuration advice for clients within those reports.

Combining the NMS and BMS solution, Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) becomes a full stack which allows the customers to use, operate and monitor day to day data centre operation.

It empowers data centre operators to manage facilities, optimizing the performance and efficiency of data centre infrastructure and keeping it aligned with the needs of business at a reasonable cost.

DCIM can ensure every aspect of the system’s performance is continuously monitored and managed, hence improving the reliability of data center. By improving power and cooling efficiency through energy monitoring, DCIM can also reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon footprint.

After-sales Services

As part of the 7×24 monitoring services, OneAsia is responsible to troubleshoot and perform any necessary preventive measures if the alarm of the Real-time Monitoring and Reporting system is raised. The perimeters include the data centers, network, servers, cloud and monitoring services.

After-sales Services

With the 7×24 availability monitoring system, OneAsia helps the clients detect, diagnose and solve potential network performance problems at once by remotely monitoring all registered infrastructure devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Key Benefits

As part of the DCIM functions, clients can check the devices’ data collected by the centralized management system of iMon 365 with DCIM extension, and to adjust the usage of resources and energy appropriately should there be any over provision of power and cooling, ensuring greater cost efficiency. Furthermore, clients can also lower their initial software cost through adopting the agentless monitoring system.

Clients no longer have to bare the numerous set up cost once they adopt the iMon 365 with DCIM extension. They can even reduce the dual expenditure on capital and IT specialist hiring with OneAsia’s one-stop shop subscription, thereby achieving the goal of cost saving and increasing their own cash flow.

Under the iMon 365 with DCIM extension, clients can obtain prompt notification via phone and email with specific recommendations, enabling a timely and informed choice of action during critical events.

iMon 365 with DCIM extension provided by OneAsia is highly flexible and scalable. This service allows the clients to choose agent or agentless monitoring, according to their business size.

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