Building Enterprise Generative AI with OneAsia and IBM watsonx

AI is a growing priority for all industries, but its practical implementation to address industry-specific challenges can be difficult. How can we integrate open-source models with different domain knowledge? How can we build and deploy enterprise GPT? This concern is particularly crucial for the banking and finance sectors.

In OneAsia and IBM watsonx luncheon and panel discussion, we welcomed Mr. Arthur Wong , Mr.John Cheng, Ms. Juni Yan, Mr. Keeny Leung and Mr. Kayton KK Wan to address these issues, providing valuable insights and use cases in the finance field. Big thanks for their sharing and shedding light on the gap between AI trends and day-to-day practical operations.

This gap is also where OneAsia creates value and pioneers the market. Check out what OneAsia offers:
• Builds enterprise Gen AI applications with IBM watsonx
• Uses enterprises’ own data and domain knowledge
• Tailored enterprise solutions for internal use
• Deploys on-prem infrastructure for handling sensitive data
• Adds-on options for GPU resources
• Secure and ethical models to prevent bias and unauthorized data
• Complies with compliance and data security requirements

Additionally, OneAsia provides ongoing professional services related to the IBM watsonx platform and Enterprise Generative AI apps built on watsonx. Contact us for a trial!

Thanks again to the panelists and IBM Hong Kong for co-organizing this amazing event! Hope insights and ideas from this event will serve as a starting point for effectively implementing AI in banking and finance. Let’s take that first step!

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