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Our ESG Statement

Over the years, OneAsia’s commitment in environmental performance, social responsibility, and corporate governance (ESG) has shaped our standards and policies. We recognize the importance of ESG initiatives in creating a positive impact on our customers, employees, business partners, and the communities in which we operate. By taking proactive measures, such as energy and water reduction goals, community engagement, and compliance with local regulations, we aim to uphold the highest standards of ESG practices and contribute to a better future for all stakeholders involved.

Our Commitment and Goal:


OneAsia is conscious of the environmental impact associated with our operations. In line with our commitment to providing excellent data centre solutions, we consistently adhere to our “On-green” development guideline. We have set clear objectives for reducing energy consumption, water usage, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

To achieve our energy, water, and GHG emission reduction goals, we exploit the latest green technologies. Furthermore, we continuously monitor and manage our energy and water efficiency to achieve our specific target:

• Net Zero by 2050
• PUE reduction by 12% by 2025 (against 2021 baseline)
• WUE reduction by 12% by 2025 (against 2021 baseline)

Additionally, we have a long-term objective of increasing the proportion of renewable energy sources in our operations.

In 2023, we made further progress towards our environmental goals. We successfully achieved a 12% reduction in PUE and an 8% reduction in WUE against 2021 baseline. These performance highlights demonstrate our dedication to improving energy and water efficiency within our operations.

Our continuous efforts to minimize our environmental impact is a testament to our commitment to providing responsible and eco-friendly solutions. By adhering to our “On-green” development guideline, we strive to create a positive impact on the environment while delivering excellent data centre solutions to our customers.


OneAsia firmly believes in the importance of social responsibility. We consider diversity, equity, and inclusion as the creed of our people engagement. To ensure the realization of these goals, we have developed employment guidelines, staff handbooks, and customer handbooks. These resources serve as frameworks to foster a diverse work environment.

Health and safety are crucial in our workplace, including to our customers, employees, and partners. We prioritize the well-being of all stakeholders and actively communicate our Health and Safety Policy and target with our stakeholders on accident intolerance. Moreover, giving back to the communities where we operate is an integral part of our social responsibility.

In 2022-2023, we achieved notable performance highlights in this area. We engaged in sponsorships aimed at supporting the development of young people, enabling them to thrive and reach their full potential. Additionally, our employees volunteered their time and efforts in plowing for the needy, exemplifying our dedication to making a positive impact in society. Furthermore, we actively participated in seminars, sharing our insights and expertise with the industry, fostering knowledge exchange and advancement.

At OneAsia, social responsibility is a necessity. By prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring health and safety, and actively giving back to our communities, we strive to create a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of our stakeholders and the broader society.


OneAsia is committed to achieving ISO management certification for 100% of our data centres. We understand the importance of integrating local regulations and practices into our corporate governance policies with a target of zero breaches. We conduct regular internal audits to monitor and evaluate our performance, and ensure compliance throughout our organization.

In 2022-2023, we achieved outstanding performance highlights in governance. We updated and launched ESG-related policies, further strengthening our commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance principles. To enhance the implementation of compliance, we engaged functional department heads in ESG committee. This ensured that compliance is effectively integrated into our operations.

At OneAsia, ESG is a fundamental part of our operations. We remain dedicated to improving our environmental performance, social responsibility, and corporate governance practices. By upholding these principles, we strive to make a positive impact on our stakeholders and contribute to a sustainable future.

Performance Highlights in 2023

Environment・PUE reduction – achieved 12% against 2021 baseline.
・WUE reduction – achieved 8% against 2021 baseline.
Social・Engaged sponsorship in supporting the development of young people.
・Engaged volunteered employees in plowing for the needy.
・Periodical participation in seminars for sharing of insights with the industry.
Governance・Updated and launched ESG-related policies.
・Functional department heads joined various ESG committees, strengthening the implementation of compliance.

OneAsia ESG Performance Report 2023 (1st Edition)

We are pleased to publish our first standalone ESG Performance report. You may view it via this link.

Our Policy

Enterprise Risk Management Policy

Crisis Management Policy

Health and Well-being Policy

Anti-Bribery Policy

Confidentiality Policy

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