Exclusive Interview in The CEO Magazine – Asia

The CEO Magazine – Asia conducted an exclusive interview with our Founder and CEO, Charles Lee. Under his watchful eye, the company’s ranks have grown to include seven subsidiaries, including its now-largest holding OneAsia Network, with further growth on the horizon.

Reaching our mother company – Legan Group’s 30th Anniversary, OneAsia has strived to stay on top in line by expanding our presence across Asia. Fulfilling the demand shaping by the pandemic, we are determined to take another great leap with the continuous ambition to develop advanced data center management tools and high-performance cloud to our clients.

“I truly believe that the changing habits of people who are using more technology solutions nowadays will result in a gigantic spike in demand for us.” Charles also shared his insights on the impact of the pandemic’s effect in the article.

Check out his interview at: https://bit.ly/3CSWTBZand know more about the latest development of Legan Group and OneAsia.

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