OneAsia Launched the First Immersion Cooling Solution for Data Centres in Hong Kong

immersion cooling solution

OneAsia is proud to launch an immersion cooling solution starting 2022. This new solution significantly reduces data centre energy consumption by 45% and provides more reliable performance with up to 10x increase in computing density. It also marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future for the data centre industry. By adopting immersion cooling, OneAsia aims to enhance energy efficiency, increase computing density, and improve reliability and performance for data centres in Hong Kong.

Mr. Charles Lee, Founder and CEO of Legan Group, the parent company of OneAsia, emphasizes the importance of this immersion cooling solution for the industry. He states, “This solution demonstrates our dedication to providing the best colocation solutions that enable customers to meet the increasingly demanding heat dissipation and power requirements for IT infrastructure today. As the first in Hong Kong to provide this add-on service, it will allow our customers to achieve optimum energy efficiency in operation.”

One of the key advantages of OneAsia’s immersion cooling solution is its ability to significantly improve energy efficiency in data centres. By replacing traditional air-cooling techniques with liquid cooling, the solution can reduce data centre energy consumption by up to 45%. This is achieved by eliminating the need for fans within the rack and leveraging the superior thermal transfer properties of liquid. With rising concerns about carbon emissions and energy consumption, this technology aligns with Hong Kong’s goal of reducing energy intensity by 40% by 2025 and contributes to global efforts to combat climate change.

In addition to energy efficiency, OneAsia’s immersion cooling solution offers a remarkable increase in computing density. Compared to air-cooled data centres, immersion cooling technology can achieve up to 10 times higher computing density. This is beneficial for facilities with high-density racks, where air cooling may not be sufficient to maintain the reliability of IT systems. By utilizing liquid cooling, data centres can optimize their use of space and resources, accommodating more computing power within the same physical footprint.

Reliability and performance are critical factors in the operation of data centres, and OneAsia’s immersion cooling solution addresses these aspects effectively. By providing a sealed environment for servers, the solution protects them from external factors such as vibration, humidity, and dust particles. This improved environmental control results in enhanced reliability and performance, ensuring the smooth operation of IT infrastructure. With up to 10 times higher computing density compared to air-cooled data centres, companies can expect improved efficiency and productivity from their data centre operations.

Scalability is another key feature of OneAsia’s immersion cooling solution. The technology is conveniently scalable to any size of data centre, allowing organizations to adapt and expand their cooling capabilities as their needs evolve. This flexibility ensures that data centres can easily accommodate future growth and advancements in technology without compromising on cooling efficiency or performance.

Furthermore, the immersion cooling solution maximizes cost efficiency for data centre operators. It reduces the physical footprint of data centres by up to 40%, optimizing the utilization of space. Additionally, the solution decreases cooling infrastructure capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX) by approximately 50% and 85%, respectively. This cost-effective approach enables data centre operators to allocate their resources more efficiently and invest in other critical areas of their business.

In conclusion, OneAsia’s immersion cooling solution represents a significant advancement in the data centre industry. By introducing this solution, OneAsia is driving the adoption of greener and more sustainable practices in data centres in Hong Kong. The immersion cooling solution offers enhanced energy efficiency, increased computing density, improved reliability and performance, and scalability. The adoption of this innovative technology aligns with Hong Kong’s goal of reducing energy intensity by 40% by 2025 and contributes to the global effort of limiting global warming. As the industry continues to evolve, OneAsia remains at the forefront, delivering innovative solutions that pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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