OneAsia’s P8 SD-WAN Solution

eAsia’s P8 SD-WAN Solution

The evolution of digitalization has started, and you can take part by adopting OneAsia’s P8 SD-WAN solution!

OneAsia’s P8 SD-WAN, powered by Juniper Networks, is a revolutionary tunnel-free SD-WAN solution. It is an advanced and service-centric networking solution that brings SD-WANs to a new level.

Combining with load balancer, application level firewall, session smart routing, and zero trust security model, P8 SD-WAN is not only simplifying your network infrastructure but also reduces both Capex & Opex without compromising flexibility and security. By utilizing a zero trust security model, P8 SD-WAN is one of the most secure SD-WAN products in the market.

P8 SD-WAN is ideal for next-generation retail or office networks, the solution provides fast, secure and reliable WAN connectivity with unmatched economics and simplicity.

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