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Data Centre Tiers Classification

Data centres are classified into different tiers based on their reliability, redundancy, and uptime capabilities. The Uptime Institute, an independent organization that establishes standards for data centre performance and reliability, has developed the most widely recognized tier system. While the initial definition included four tiers, there have been discussions and advancements regarding the potential introduction of a fifth tier…

Green Data Center

Green Data Centre

A Green Data Centre refers to a facility that is specifically designed to have a minimal environmental impact and maximize energy efficiency. It serves as a host for storing, managing, and disseminating data while incorporating various technologies and practices to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions, and waste generation…

OneAsia Attended BIM Automation Arena 2023

It is an honor to join BIM Automation Arena 2023 and glad to see inspiring showcases on BIM automation and intelligence solutions. It’s also a great chance to communicate with BIM professionals on Digital Transformation challenges at construction sites, and we also noticed potential demands for GPUaaS that can deal with 3D Modelling and high-performance image processing on cloud, which we would love to hear more about and work through with the sector.

OneAsia Annual Dinner 2022 & Legan Group 30th Anniversary

Thanks everyone for joining OneAsia Annual Dinner 2022! It is a fantastic gathering for all employees after three years of the epidemic and an excellent chance for us to reflect on the year.

It is also a celebration of the 30th anniversary of our parent company Legan Group. With all the laughter and happy faces, we are looking forward to the next fruitful decade!

OneAsia New Office Opening

OneAsia has relocated its headquarters to a brand-new office on 15th December. Our bright and open common area aims to boost employee engagement. We also set up workout equipment to promote work–life balance and well-being at workplace. Some other highlights of the office include a fabulous harbour view, interactive whiteboard-equipped conference rooms, and an aquaponic system.

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