OneAsia Launched its Supercomputing Solution OAsis

OneAsia launched its High-Performance Computing solution OAsis, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, enhancing Hong Kong’s positioning as the International Centre of Innovative Technology and contributing to the Chinese government’s construction of a national computing network.

OAsis is expected to empower complex data computing and simulation to advance academic and industry innovation, which will in turn enhance Hong Kong’s R&D capabilities and positioning as the International Centre of Innovative Technology.

immersion cooling solution

OneAsia Launched the First Immersion Cooling Solution for Data Centres in Hong Kong

OneAsia is proud to launch an immersion cooling solution starting this September. This new solution significantly reduces data centre energy consumption by 45% and provides more reliable performance with up to 10x increase in computing density.

OneAsia is the first in Hong Kong to provide this add-on service, which enables customers to meet the increasingly demanding heat dissipation and power requirements for IT infrastructure today. It allows our customers to achieve optimum energy efficiency in operation.

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